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St Andrews

The Rep’s playfulness is taken several stages further by the modest conversion of a grade B listed building in the heart of St Andrews to form an enlarged bank. This branch was designed to reflect the then Trustee Savings Bank’s new open approach to banking and the onset of modern technology in the form of computers, ATMs, etc.. That technology was framed by a level of craftsmanship which seems to affect every corner of the building and in today’s world of simplified brand identity, seems all the more surprising because it was eventually ‘rolled out’ to many TSB branches across Scotland as a result of the success of the branch in St Andrews.
Craftsmanship created a landmark in the form of the external ‘grand father clock’ which underlines the practice’s ‘arts and crafts’ approach to architecture and is a theme most obviously repeated in projects like the new Byre Theatre, also in St Andrews, or the former Moonshop in Aberdeen.

Photography : Keith Hunter