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The Scottish Parliament



Nicoll Russell Studios prepared proposals for a new visitor facility at the Scottish Parliament, as part of a competitive interview process to select a design team for the facility.
The proposals were developed to accommodate the client's brief and to respect the quality and architectural syntax of the Enric Miralles' award winning host building. They therefore adopted the same palette of materials and detailing used on the main building, and responded to the brief and surrounding context in an organic, but subservient manner. The visitor facility deliberately addressed the space in front of the Parliament, and led the visitor into the building via a large framed view of the landscape leading to Arthur's Seat thereby continuing Miralles' romantic connection between the rural and urban worlds. This space was capped by a shallow concrete vault detailed as those in the existing main foyer and redolent of a composition in a late model created during the development of the Parliament (which is now on display in the Parliament's foyer), but which was not ultimately included in the completed host building. Formed as an independent extension the simple form of the visitor facility was developed to minimise disruption internally and to minimise any resultant costs related to alteration works. Nicoll Russell Studios were placed third in the competition process.

Graphics : NRS