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Private house



This project totally transformed a disjointed and unremarkable suburban 1970’s house in order for it to rejoice in its fantastic mature garden overlooking the river Tay. The extension is formed by an exposed timber frame, forming a grid which formalises the house’s rear elevation. That grid is in filled with large panes of frameless silicone jointed glazing. The timber frame is also exposed internally within a double height living room created by removing the floors and walls within the original house, which enjoys fantastic views to the south and an intimate relationship with the garden.
The client’s collection of modern furniture compliments the polished quality of the interior. It is a dynamic space who’s drama is heightened by a landscaped staircase which cuts into the space from the original entrance to the house and glazed bridges which fly through it at first floor level, which replaced the enclosed corridors which originally provided access to each room

Photography : NRS