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Institute of Sport & Exercise


University of Dundee

The dynamic new Extension to the Institute of Sport and Exercise at the University of Dundee creates a positive and invigorating sense of identity, transforming the rather tired and dated sports complex which was lost amongst the new campus developments.
The new inviting and welcoming entrance foyer provides the missing sense of place and community whilst neatly resolving the inherent circulation and level change problems.
A bold articulated staircase climbs the double volume of the entrance foyer to connect three floors of facilities which include a state of the art fitness gym, two dance / exercise studios, a designated strength performance centre and three glass backed squash courts. The two tone “allsorts” aluminium clad “drum” was considered as the sophisticated answer to the contextual situation whilst providing a contemporary and striking image reflecting the aspirations of the Institute and firmly establishing its presence on the campus.

Photography : Iain Gordon (; Mark Carmichael for NRS