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Millennium Wheel



Nicoll Russell Studios were responsible for the site selection, route planning and original concept design of the Millennium Wheel and successfully contributed to the Millennium Link obtaining one of Scotlandís largest Millennium Fund Awards. This contribution to Scotlandís economy was recognised by the Practice being awarded a Royal Bank of Scotland Business and Finance Award. The illustrations depict both our original concept and the finished project as ultimately developed by others.
Forming a key centrepiece to the re-opening of the Union and the Forth and Clyde Canals, the Wheel has created the essential connection between the two canal systems. Overcoming the significant difference in level (35 metres), the interchange has re-established the navigable link originally provided by the now dismantled flight of eleven locks at Summerford. Our vision has created an international icon which makes dramatic use of the landscape, contours, water and the dramatic views of the highlands to the north.
The heroic scale of the engineering not only solves these physical difficulties, but provides an International Landmark, with a memorable experience for canal users, and sightseers alike.

Photography : British Waterways