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The Briggait



The Briggait, formerly the city of Glasgow’s fishmarket and a Grade `A` listed building, occupies almost all of a city block on the north bank of the Clyde and consists of a series of large market halls, dating from 1873, 1889 and 1904 respectively. It has been described by Historic Scotland as ‘Scotland’s most important collection of surviving market halls’.
An unsuccessful 1980’s conversion of the building complex to a specialty shopping centre saw the Briggait lie largely empty and deteriorating for 20 years. However, Wasps Artists’ Studios (Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland), a charity that acquires, develops and manages affordable studio space for visual artists, identified the potential of the Briggait as new centre for the production and display of visual art and appointed Nicoll Russell Studios as the Architect for the development.
The central aim of the project has been the creation of studio and workshop facilities of the highest quality whilst at the same time recognising and respecting the historical and architectural integrity of the building complex. Much of the 1980’s work has been removed to reveal the elegant hall of 1873 in its glory whilst bold new glass-walled studios have been introduced into the more utilitarian halls of 1889 and 1904.
Consequently, through the careful restoration of the original historic fabric of the market halls coupled with the creation of modern `insertions`, a new lease of life has been given to one of Glasgow’s lost architectural gems.

Photography : Andrew Lee; Alan McAteer