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Nicoll Russell Studios is a limited company established in 1982 as a result of the successful completion of Dundee Repertory Theatre. The project made an enormous impact at a time when very little was being built in Scotland and immediately offered the Studios a springboard architecturally and in terms of publicity.


Ours is a humanist approach where people are considered centrally within the design process, which is at odds with much of the ‘trophy’ architecture we see in our towns and cities today. One could argue that we design form the ‘inside out’ rather than seeking to force people, as it were, into ‘an ill fitting and inappropriate shoe’. This sentiment is perhaps best illustrated by the White Top Centre in Dundee, where all of our practice’s creative ability was focussed on creating a stimulating and tailored respite centre which engaged with its young and profoundly disabled visitors..


Allied to a fundamental desire for appropriateness we take great delight in the craft and creativity of both artists and craftsmen. This delight has enriched and enlivened many of our projects, no matter their size, often long before the advent of ‘a percent for art’. We are certain that this creativity made them much more engaging and memorable for the public, whether one considers Dundee Rep or a much more modest project like the Lloyds TSB branch in St Andrews.


All of these considerations are tempered by the available budget and the Client's programme requirements and have been brought to bear on some nearly three thousand projects over the course of the last three decades which have ranged from the very small to high profile public buildings. We have enjoyed our involvement in many of the major arts buildings instigated by the Scottish Arts Council, from Stornoway to Livingston. There have been many more highlights besides, ranging from our award winning involvement in the conception of the Falkirk Wheel, to dental practices, private houses, education buildings, courts and various other building types.


We recognise that each project is special to its Client, so we provide a personal service with the Practice's directors adopting an active and hands on role within each project team.